Capital Raising Consultant ------------------------------------- Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE
Capital Raising Consultant-------------------------------------Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE  


The Pollinator Fund
Seed Level Investments in Sustainability Entrepreneurs

i. The Pollinator Fund (PF) will be designed to provide micro-loans and mentoring to entrepreneurs typically in the sustainable business arena.   

ii. The mentoring will be “activist” in nature.  One mission of the Pollinator Fund is to bring the entrepreneur and their company to the professional level required by larger investors. As the portfolio company grows with the proper criteria of profitable sales, accounting, and corporate structure. then the portfolio company becomes eligible for greater funding.   The Fund has the ability to supply “C-Level” executives, legal and accounting direction, and an administrative staff of up to ten people.  The Fund will typically provide hands-on sales and marketing expertise along with a computer lead and client management system (CRM) that is currently handling about 7500 clients and 75,000 leads.

iii.  The format of the micro-loan investment will be a “convertible loan without personal recourse”.  This means that the loan can be converted to stock in the company at any time by the Fund.  From a legal perspective, it is only a loan, and thus without any liability if the entrepreneur incurs liability.  If the company doesn’t make it, then the loan is only related to the company’s assets, not the individual’s assets.

iv. The fund expects to invest in ten portfolio companies by the end of the year.  Of the ten companies, we expect one to go to $5MM+, another group to go to $1MM, one or two to go to $250k, and then a few companies will just percolate along waiting for the world to catch up.  We will typically not invest in companies that can’t last because of overhead issues.  We also will not usually invest in companies that are not scalable.

v. The Fund’s portfolio companies will become a network where people can help each other and “cross-pollinate”.  Using the “Affiliate” model, there will always be a commission or reward for introductions and those people that help build the network.  This means that if someone introduces people into the Fund, then the Affiliate will get a piece of their success. (Each situation is different, so the amount is “To Be Determined” on a case by case basis”).  

vi. The Fund is also actively recruiting additional investors. The minimum investment is $2500 per company they wish to invest in.  The format will be a direct investment in the company via the convertible note described earlier.   We email a list of opportunities that we have researched to our investor pool on a regular basis, If this is of interest to you please get in touch via the contact information below and we will put you on the subscription list.  Investors can be either active or passive.







The Managing Director of the Fund, Mr. Robert Merrill Fletcher has over thirty years of entrepreneurial experience in owning companies and raising capital. He graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Louisiana State University in 1981. As both a successful and non-successful company owner he has created companies in the $5MM - $10MM range and also lost them due to technology disruptions (and Amazon).  He brings solid “been there – done that” experience to any business and currently has people and resources at his disposal that have managed 7500 clients and 75,000 leads.  He has done business in mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Europe, and India and has managed virtual workforces of hundreds of people around the world. He is an avid boater and golfer and splits his time between Florida, and Western North Carolina. Mr. Fletcher has an SEC attorney on retainer and is seeking a company to take public via a Regulation A+ offering.  A more detailed writeup on that process can be seen here: .  He is also the owner of The Glamping Purveyor, one of the Fund’s portfolio companies.



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