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The Glamping Purveyor

In addition to rentable tiny houses, we provide glamorous camping (glamping) installations either as a partner or vendor.  These are typically "semi-permanent seasonal" installations.  For example, if the best tourist season is spring and fall, or summer, or winter, we will work to provide top rental income during those months.  In general we look for about 180 rentable days in a location and our economics are based on a 50% occupancy rate during that season. 


The cost of installing a glamping "tent" style rentable dwelling, completely VIP furnished, is less than $20k.   And, if needed we can go fully off-grid.

Glamping Purveyor Overview
This PDF contains an overview of typical glamping installations and economics. The Glamping Purveyor is a subsidiary of Robert Merrill Fletcher.
Adobe Acrobat document [2.0 MB]

We have deployed our glamping units in Malibu and at Coachella.  Festivals are excellent locations for glamping accommodations. 


We work with the "owner" in whatever method makes the most sense. We can pay for the entire installation and simply lease the property from you, or we can partner with you.  Every situation is different. 


What is common to all though is that the desire for new experiences is commanding a premium nightly rate and it is not uncommon to see rates of $250+ per night. 


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