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Raising Capital:  Regulation A+ Writing & Process Management

I provide consulting, C-Level writing of the application, and the project management that is required, at a fraction of the cost of letting your attorney do it.  


I am not a lawyer, I am a businessman that has successfully raised money.  As the CEO of multiple companies and a consultant to numerous others, I know how to manage this process and make sure that all the pieces come together, usually within about 120 days.  


The main components of a proper Regulation A+ filing include, Legal, Accounting, Document Preparation, and Project Management.  


As you know, attorney rates are easily above $300/hour and my rate is a less than half that.  In some cases I am willing to take part of my pay as stock. I typically prefer to work in the Tier II arena. However, I will work on Tier I if the right mix of factors is present. 


If you study the statistics that are coming out about the companies that have been successful with their SEC Regulation A+ application, you will see that the average cost is about $125,000 USD.  In most cases I can bring that project in for at least 2/3 of that average.  If desired I can work with your attorney/accountants, and/or we can ask the team that I typically work with to give you a quote as well.  


Furthermore, I can assist you after SEC approval and when it is time to raise the money.  We have relationships in the Broker/Dealer syndicates and if they think your company/project has the sizzle to raise $50MM, then they will engage on your behalf.  I also have very powerful CRM lead systems to manage and provide lead followup to the various investors that will be looking at your company.  As you are probably aware, the process of raising money can be extremely time consuming and if not managed properly, constant pitch meetings can kill a company.


I look forward to hearing from you and potentially saving you quite a bit of money while making sure that the project gets done in a timely and cost effective manner.





Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in raising capital, startups, business operations and sales management. He is an expert in BPM (Business Process Management) and TQM (Total Quality Management). He graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Louisiana State University and after working for Ethyl Corporation in their Chemical R&D operations, he consulted with Shell, Exxon, and numerous other global petrochemical companies on projects around the world.  He has done business in mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, and India and has managed virtual workforces of hundreds of people around the world. He is an avid boater and golfer and has two lovely daughters. 


For more information please email:

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