Capital & Sales Consultant ------------------------------------- Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE Cell: 213.500.7236 (EST)
Capital & Sales Consultant-------------------------------------Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChECell: 213.500.7236 (EST)  
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Public Shell Reverse Merger:

The public shell reverse merger is one way to raise capital and "go big".  


Our opinion of shells... "95% of shells suck".  The SEC hates them, and the last thing you need is increased scrutiny. And there is always hidden baggage that doesn't come out until things get really moving.



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As an alternative, you might consider a "Reg A+ or a clean S-1" and go right to Nasdaq or NYSE.  It can be cheaper, and ready in 180 days.


Due to the excesses of the penny stock era and the implications of Sarbanes-Oxley Act many companies looking to raise money have shifted to the Regulation A (Reg A, Reg A+, S-1) exemption which allows the raising of up to $50MM in a twelve month period.  


The Reg A or S-1 is also appreciably cheaper, more easily managed from a resource allocation perspective, and allows founders to keep control.  It is much simpler, cleaner, and can be accomplished in less than 180 days. 


Our group helps you understand the process and we help you write the documents required at one-half the cost of paying an attorney to do so.


We provide consulting, C-Level writing of any capital raising document, and the project management that is required, at a fraction of the cost of paying your attorney do it.  


I am not a lawyer, I am a businessman that has successfully raised money.  As the CEO of multiple companies and a consultant to numerous others, I know how to manage this process and make sure that all the pieces come together, usually within about 120 - 180 days.  


We take lead in the physical writing of documents such as  PPM, Crowdfunding, Reg D, Reg A+ submissions at a substantial cost savings over paying a law firm to write them.


Please call Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE at 213.500.7236 for immediate answers to your questions and to determine if we are a fit.


We estimate that our templated process will save you 50% or more on the cost of producing your capital raising documentation.  In addition, we have "risk factor" templates that have already been approved to the highest levels.  There is no need to write these sections of your documents from scratch.  


We are not lawyers and we do not bill at their astronomical levels.   We work WITH your law firm, or we can recommend a law firm that has numerous successful SEC registrations, taken lead on dozens of public listings, and who has extensive relationships in  the investment banking and broker-dealer networks if your vision goes all the way to a public offering.   Also, the law firm we work with provides a reduced retainer to our clients because we do the organizational work necessary before the documents reach the lawyer's desk.  


Here are just a few examples from one of the law firms we work with:  The Xspand Reg A+ is generally considered one of the most successful Reg A+ to date.


Our company was founded by a chemical engineer and a 30 year "C-Level" businessman.   Our team of professionals, lawyers, and accountants, bring real-world experience to every client, usually on a success-fee basis.  Working with Ms. Renee Rixon in South Florida, we cover both East and West coasts. 


Mr. Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE, the founder said, “our mission is to help early revenue companies raise capital legally, and efficiently.  We hope that one of our clients will achieve the billion dollar valuation and unicorn status within three years".



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