MJ Investors ------------------------------------- Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE
MJ Investors-------------------------------------Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE  

We Are Actively Seeking Investment Candidates in CBD, Legal THC, and Sustainability.

We assist companies in raising capital through Regulation A+, Reg D, crowdfunding, and other legally approved methods.  We write the documentation and work hand in hand with the legal team. This saves you money as our billable rate is less than half that of most attorneys.  

We are focused on medical marijuana, CBD, and Sustainability.  We are also very bullish on mini-modular "tiny" houses (typically not on wheels). 


Our engagement is usually "success fee commission only".


For more information on our Canna focus please visit www.TheCannaUnicorns.com and www.TheCannaDistributors.com .




Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in raising capital, startups, business operations and sales management. He is an expert in BPM (Business Process Management) and TQM (Total Quality Management). He graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Louisiana State University and after working for Ethyl Corporation in their Chemical R&D operations, he consulted with Shell, Exxon, and numerous other global petrochemical companies on projects around the world.  He has done business in mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, and India and has managed virtual workforces of hundreds of people around the world. He is an avid boater and golfer and has two lovely daughters. 


For more information please email:

Robert at MJvestors.com 


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